We Are Only A Phone Call Away

Professional karting as a corporate and sporting activity has shown tremendous growth in the last 15 years. From just one indoor circuit operating in the UK in 1986, there are now over 200 professional circuits in both the UK and Europe. Millions of people are now enjoying this leisure past-time.Several attempts have been made in the past to set up associations to support this growing industry, but with limited success. Most have depended on high fees and subscriptions being paid by members with little return.

The NKA is giving you the opportunity to join an association which charges minimal fees with maximum return. Our income is achieved through offering consultancies in all aspects of circuit operation, product manufacturing and commission on sales and advertising. By joining, you will become a member of the fastest growing karting association, which in consultation with the Health & Safety Executive has drawn up the guidelines for safe operation of karting circuits. Fluent and experienced in all aspects of circuit management and safety issues, we are only a phone call away

Membership Fees

The membership fee is £500.00 per year for a full member for one circuit and £400.00 for associate members and additional circuits. Membership includes the official NKA Guidelines for safe operation of indoor and outdoor circuits – revised January 2012. You will also receive a full inspection for each circuit registered. You have the option to pay the full amount straight away or you can pay by direct debit over 12 months.

Additional Services

Circuit Presentation

What we must bear in mind as professional circuit operators is “First Impressions Last”. For a small fee one of our experienced consultants will visit your circuit and carry out a presentation audit. Included in the inspection fee is a discussion (if required) on the improvements needed to bring that finishing touch to your circuit, or a more in-depth presentation can be prepared to reflect your corporate budget.


At various times during your circuit’s membership of the NKA, say as a result of an accident, you may require an independent inspection of your venue for safety purposes to satisfy the Health and Safety Executive. A chargeable inspection can be made incorporating all aspects of circuit operation, including:-

  • a. Track layout
  • b. Suitability and Safety
  • c. Marshal and staff training
  • d. Health and Safety Regulations Act

This inspection could be made in consultation with a Health and Safety Official and result in a written report.

Circuit Management

The fine line between profitability and loss in most businesses is well defined. Providing you make your sales, the markets supply you with enough profit to operate comfortably.

However, with karting, especially in rented/leased accommodation and the uniform business rate, together with the clients’ desire for a well lit premises, make it very difficult to maintain profitability, let alone sustain reasonable growth.

Gain from the many years of operating experience of the NKA committee, all of which are successful circuit operators.

Staff Training

It is widely recognised throughout the industry that training plays a major and important role in a company’s success or failure. Why not let our experienced consultants visit your circuit and run staff training days. How many times do you wish you had an answer when a problem arises that you have not had to face before? Well-trained staff are well-motivated staff. The programme will cover any of the following:

  • a. Instruction – The Instructor is the public face of your organisation and his or her briefing will determine success or failure of any group.
    REMEMBER instruction is not an art it is a discipline.
  • b. Marshals – The safety of clients and the smooth running of any event depends on the attitude of your marshals. Our in-depth training day and standardised reaction will result in safer and better organised events. If unfortunately, you do suffer an accident or fatality at your circuit, you will be able to face any enquiries or consequences with a clear conscience. On successful completion, a training certificate will be issued to each independent marshal, for display at your circuit.
  • c. Mechanics – Everyone knows any “carpenter” can maintain a fleet of karts with a selection of hammers and nails, or at least that seems to be the opinion of some circuit operators, but this is obviously not the case. Correct procedure and planned maintenance will save you effort, time and money.