The NKA is Here to Help

The NKA can appoint advisors to assist large companies / organizations to structure national events.

The advantages for event organizers in using an NKA registered circuit are…

  • Circuits are inspected regularly.
  • All circuits comply with national safety guidelines.
  • Assistance is available for planning & structuring the events.
  • Safety is paramount and consistent at all events
  • whether you are organizing 1 event, or 101 events nationally

The NKA can also provide advice on the type of event best suited to your organization, tailoring the structure of the event to your exact requirements.

We are also able to obtain through our specialist insurance brokers, quotations /advice on additional insurance cover, providing peace of mind for event organizers.

Where Does Karting Originate?

Karting was first introduced to the UK by American servicemen during the Second World War. Over the next 30 or so years the sport gradually established itself as the favoured starting point for single seater racing drivers to learn their craft.

However, although less expensive than many other forms of Motor Sport, Karting was still generally inaccessible to the majority, and the few circuits that did exist offered generally poor facilities and required the visitors to supply all their own equipment. Karting was thriving amongst the favoured few, but was simply out of reach for most of the population with neither the funds, knowledge nor inclination to break into the seemingly closed ranks of the Karting clubs.

All this changed in the mid 1980’s as Bob Pope and Martin Howell formed Playscape and revolutionised the sport by supplying karts for hire at an indoor circuit built in a disused bus garage in London. By the mid 1990’s Karting was the UK’s fastest growing sport, and kart circuits had sprung up in or near every major town in the country. Not all were of a desirable standard, but as the market matured great strides were made by responsible operators to improve both equipment and facilities. Instrumental in this quest for improvement was the National Karting Association which, through its annual inspection scheme, ensures that every member meets stringent quality targets.