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The principal role of the NATIONAL KARTING ASSOCIATION (NKA) is to help, promote, and protect operators of both indoor and outdoor Karting circuits.

The NKA has many years of experience in dealing with the problems and challenges of operating Karting circuits. Membership of the NKA provides immediate access to this experience and to a wide range of other services and facilities associated with running a Karting circuit safely and successfully.

This web site provides ...

  • information about the NKA
  • Details of NKA services, benefits and costs of membership
  • Latest NKA news General information for anyone interested in taking up Karting as a sport
  • Contact details and links to UK Karting Circuits operated by NKA members
  • Information to assist corporate / national events, organisers structure and coordinate national events

Once you have explored our site, please contact us if you have any questions whatsoever about Karting or membership of the NKA.

Karting is one of the greatest sports there is. The NKA helps to ensure it is safe, enjoyable and rewarding, both for the participants and the circuit operators.

The NKA is a self supporting and financing organization, collecting revenue by acting in a professional capacity providing services to its members.

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